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CLIQ MEDIA STREAM company - Professional smart TV installation and setup services.

Grab yourself great TV installation and setup offers from CLIQ MEDIA STREAM. We are a medium-sized innovative company specialising in TV installation and set-up services. However, our area of the specialization goes beyond installation and setup.

We also deal in Roku devices, so with our services you get advice regarding Roku and smart TV configurations, error checks and more.

Why choose us? We offer unique services that perfectly suits your demands. We ensure that everything is settled before we can call off any project. We take pride in total customers which partly explains why we have been able to put our business above competitors.

Most of our customers are return clients and a good number are a referral from individuals who have used and got satisfied with what we offer. Why not trust us to deliver your upcoming project?


Our organization provides paid live agent services round the clock to its valuable clients. The items, brand names and device images mentioned in this website is only for pure reference purposes. We disclaim any sponsorship, alliance, and support of any of these brands, items, and administrations without any limitation. The services offered by our organisation may be accessible and available on the brand proprietors’ website. To use our services a one time fee is charged mentioned on the pricing page and there are no additional fee or any hidden cost.

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