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We aim to provide very personalized services. Driven by our 100% customer satisfaction policy, we prioritize our expertise and the available resource to ensure that you get what you request. We aim to bring out the best of expertise and experience to resolve any installation, set up, or technical issues that you may be facing. Additionally, we work all hour of the clock, this works towards ensuring that you don’t miss a thing. Once you have a problem you can always reach out and you will get that much-needed help. However, even with this, we recognize that it not all the time that we will get things solved. It can be that the problem at hand falls far beyond our reach and things like this.

We like keeping our word, however for any reason you find our services not satisfactory you can always ask for a refund. Contact our customer support at, we will assess the viability of your claim and make arefund in less than 30 days. We will get back to you over mail or on phone contact. All refunds will be processeda nd channeled through to your credit card, bank account, or PayPal. This solely depends on your choice over the mode of payment. 


Our organization provides paid live agent services round the clock to its valuable clients. The items, brand names and device images mentioned in this website is only for pure reference purposes. We disclaim any sponsorship, alliance, and support of any of these brands, items, and administrations without any limitation. The services offered by our organisation may be accessible and available on the brand proprietors’ website. To use our services a one time fee is charged mentioned on the pricing page and there are no additional fee or any hidden cost.

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