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We have made our commitment to make our customer’s life easier by providing them with more than one simple means to get technical advice or get an agent set and fix any TV problem. To get in touch with us give us a call or fill our online contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We keep our installations and set up costs relatively cheap but this, of course, does not affect the quality of service that we deliver. Our services meet the required standards out there. We have exceptionally qualified technicians who have the experience required to deliver the best results. Our services include:

Channel Activation Error

To activate Roku streaming you will usually need a Roku account. The process is simplified such that you can activate streaming on your own. However, sometimes the unexpected occurs. Activation problems such as an activation code not working, an activation code not displaying and the likes are likely to hinder a smooth activation.

At CLIQ MEDIA STREAM we are always ready to handle any activation error problem. if you can’t fix this problem, don’t trouble yourself. Reach us today and we will gladly help.

TV Wall Mount Installation

Most people prefer hanging their TV sets over the wall. Hanging your TV on the wall can enhance the look of your room and in fact, it now a commercial standard and accepted by many people. attempting a do it yourself TV mount can, however, be tricky.

To avoid accidents, it good that you seek professional help. At CLIQ MEDIA STREAM we will understand getting a great system set up is no walk in the park and with that, we offer you affordable set and installation services.

Error Identification

Roku devices are designed in such a way that if an aspect within the system fails, the system sends an error notification. But often the system may fail to send any notification so how are you going to identify the error?

You need technical help and the is where CLIQ MEDIA STREAM get in. With our services, we will help you identify any error and help get it fixed.

Connect TV With Wi-Fi

How do I connect my Roku to the internet? This is a common question asked the new user. Usually, your Roku player allows you to stream audio and videos on your TV but this only work if they are connected over the internet.

With most people going wireless we understand that setting up your WIFI and aligning it with Roku gadget is not easy. As such we offer you connectivity services that include setting up Wi-Fi connections and ensuring they are configured with your player.

STREAMING Device installations

Roku typically operates as a smart device. For the system to work you will need to install software and ensure that they are compatible with your hardware. With our services, you don’t have to worry about device installations. Leave the rest to us, we will install everything at very affordable rates.

24/7 HELP

Our online agents are available round the clock for assisting you for the services that can be resolve over the phone.


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